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Many people think of birds as colorful, graceful, and beautiful, feathered beings that bring movement and song to their backyard garden. Some individuals are even fearful of birds. The truth is, birds are extremely intelligent, emotionally sympathetic, and deeply devoted comrades to those who choose to share their homes and lives with them. All types of parrots make especially wonderful companions. In addition to being colorful and beautiful, they are eager to learn, charismatic, and musical.

At Emerald Parrot Rescue in Cincinnati, OH, we adore and are knowledgeable in the care of all types of birds, having an especially extensive understanding of parrots. This is why we offer quality bird shelter services, avian rehabilitation, and emergency help to anyone who is in need of assistance. We never turn away any bird, regardless of their condition or age, and if your feathered friend gets loose or becomes injured, we have people that can help.

We know that the love you have for your companion has nothing to do with how much money you have to spend on his or her care. That is why we offer many free services, including babysitting, trimming of beaks, nails, and feathers (must bring your bird here), and we will hand-feed your babies for you as long as you provide the food. We also have people who can help administer shots and medication when necessary. Our goal is to provide help to all feathered creatures in need.

At Emerald Parrot Rescue, we do not solicit donations or request help with the feeding, cleaning, or caring for our charges, but we will willingly accept both. We do not receive assistance from the government, nor do we provide tax receipts. Additionally, we offer parrot adoption services without long, drawn out adoption paperwork.

If you love birds, Emerald Parrot Rescue has much to offer. Give us a call today! “Everyone be aware, we offer one free bite per customer!”

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