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We love parrots. Therefore, we take it as a serious responsibility to place parrots in the right homes. We don’t think that completing stacks of paperwork is the answer to assuring a mutually beneficial human/bird relationship. If you are looking for parrot adoption in Cincinnati, OH, stop in at Emerald Parrot Rescue and let us see if we can match you with a new feathered companion.

It is important to understand the responsibility of adopting a parrot. They are not content to spend all day in a cage by themselves. They need love and attention, just like any other domesticated animal. At Emerald Parrot Rescue, we provide all our birds with a healthy diet of high-quality fruits and seeds, as well as three balanced meals that consist of fruits, grains, starches, meats, and vegetables. This is what your new friend will need to thrive.

Bonding with your new companion is important. When we have an orphaned or abandoned bird in our care, we train it to be more easily handled. It will be important for you to continue training and handling your parrot so that they will be friendly and socially adaptable. Lastly, understanding that parrots live a very long time, up to 80 years, is essential.

Once you are ready to make the commitment to your new friend, and all parties involved are on board, we can facilitate the process with no long drawn out adoption papers. You will need to bring a cage with you, one suitable to be your parrot’s home.

After the adoption is completed, Emerald Parrot Rescue will always be here to help in case of an emergency if you have questions or concerns about your parrot and to provide many free services when you find yourself in need of assistance. We are available to train birds, babysit birds, and even feed birds if you supply the supplies to do so. For medical services, we highly recommend Dr. Bob Daug Hausen to provide veterinary care when necessary.

If you are considering adopting a beautiful parrot to be your companion, give Emerald Parrot Rescue a ring. We will help you find the perfect match.

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